Best Soundbars for LED TV in India

Soundbars and theatre system re the next thing that is enthralling fans from all parts of the world. People who love to see movies or watch any sports are bound to have a good soundbar at their home. A good soundbar will enhance the sound of the device and will help the person to feel the thing that they are watching. So, every sport and movie enthusiast has a soundbar at home, however, having a soundbar is not just enough.

If you have a soundbar or if you are planning to buy a soundbar, then you must have a good soundbar. A soundbar will help to not only increase the sound and bass of the sound but will also help to ring a feel in the air. A good soundbar will fill energy into the surrounding in which it is played. It is a must for people to have a good soundbar at home. A low-quality soundbar will not have good sound quality. Moreover, they are used to get damaged easily. Due to this reason, people have to buy the soundbar again and again and they keep spending their every investment in buying a low-quality soundbar that is bound to get damaged again. However, if a person wants then they can change it. There are plenty of good soundbars that are in the market and that are of high quality. These soundbars will help to output perfect sound from your LED Tv and will also help to increase the energy in the surrounding. We have prepared a list of all the Soundbars that are best in the market. You can see the list and check which one you should have. Let’s have a look at the best-LED soundbar that is in the market. 

Best soundbars for LED TV in India

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar speaker

If you want a soundbar that has the best sound quality in the market, then the first company that you should approach is the Bose company This company is well known to manufacture some of the best-known soundbars in the market. One of them is the Bose Solo 5 Soundbar market. The Bose Solo 5 soundbar is one of the best soundbars that currently exist in the market. The soundbar has the best sound quality and the balance of bass and sound quality in this soundbar is awesome. It fills the room with great sound and helps the person to thoroughly enjoy what they are listening to.


  • The Bose Bluetooth soundbar has a wireless connective and it can be connected to the WIFI. It can channel the sound without any problem.
  • The Bose Solo 5 soundbar comes with a one-year warranty. So, any damage that occurs to the Bose Solo 5 soundbar will automatically be repaired by the service centers.
  • The Bose Solo 5 soundbar has a remote-control system that helps to adjust the volume and other audio features easily. The range of the remote control is awesome and the person can control the soundbar from a great distance.
  • The Bluetooth range of the soundbar is 10 meters which are very good. Most of the best Bluetooth soundbar that exit in the market have a range lower than this one.


  • The cost of the soundbar can pose a problem for some people. The Bose offers quality; however, the quality comes at a price. You cannot buy Bose easily from the market. However, the amount you pay and the fun you will get will be equal.

Sony Ht-X8500 Single Soundbar

Sony is another company that makes good audio equipment. The sound equipment’s that are manufactured by the sonny company are good and live up to the expectation of the customers. The soundbar HT-X8500 from Sony is a good example of a perfect soundbar that produces good sound quality from LED Tv. The HT-X8500 soundbar is a great example of the balanced soundbar that gives you a perfect blend of great sound and perfect bass. The soundbar has many inbuilt features in it such as Dolby Atmos, HDR, 4k, etc. Apart from that, if you are looking for a featured pack soundbar, then you can stop searching and buy Sony HT-X8500. It is the best which you can hope for.


  • The soundbar has Bluetooth and it could be connected to any device easily with the help of Bluetooth.
  • The soundbar has a warrant period of one year so the user can go to the service center in case they encounter any problem with the sonny soundbar for one month,
  • The soundbar has a 4K compatibility which is rare nowadays. In addition to this, the soundbar also has HDR computability which helps to make the sound clearer.
  • The soundbar also has some built-in subwoofers which helps to produce even better sound and base while using the soundbars.


  • The main disadvantage of this soundbar is that it does not have a USB port. It can’t be connected to the device that does not have a USB port.
  • The bass of the soundbar is not that great. The bass lacks at the higher volume, however, at the lower volume, it is perfect.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209 Soundbar

Many people think that Yamaha produces moto components or motor vehicles, however, what they do not know is that Yamaha is also a manufacturer of audio equipment in the world. Not only that, but Yamaha is also one of the bets audio gadget manufacturers in the world. They produce excellent soundbar, radio, etc. The Yamaha Audio YAS-209 is another great soundbar for the Camay Yamaha. The soundbar has wireless subwoofers -packed inside it that produce amazing sound when they are played. Not only that, but these soundbars are also compatible with Amazon Alexa or google assistant. This allows your home to run on voice command and it will also help you to play any song loudly with a single voice. Thee connectivity that Alexa is unique and for which the soundbar is widely known.


  • The soundbar from Yamaha has Bluetooth connectivity which can help to pair it with almost all the devices that have Bluetooth inbuilt in them. This helps the person to play the songs or audio from a variety of devices around the house.
  • The soundbar has an inbuilt connection to Amazon and Alexa. The person can play any music or play any stream on their LED tv by just saying the Alexa to do so. While connected with the Alexa the soundbar enhances the sound of Alexa as well.
  • The soundbar has a wireless remote-control system. This means that the soundbar can be controlled with the help of a remote from anywhere in the room. The range of the soundbar is also high and so it could be controlled from any point in the room.
  • The build and durability of the soundbar are perfect. The soundbar is durable and it will last longer if you use it properly.


  • The main disadvantage of this soundbar is the weight of the soundbar. The soundbar weighs over 9 kg which is quite heavy. Due to the additional weight of the soundbar, the person cannot carry the soundbar with themselves anywhere. They can only use it in a certain room.
  • The appearance of the soundbar is not catchy enough and so many people miss it. This is not the disadvantage of the soundbar; however, many people buy soundbar based on how it looks. Since the Yamaha soundbar looks simple, people do not buy it and they let go of a brilliant soundbar from their hand.

Demon Home theatre

Demon company that manufactures this soundbar is a Japanese e audio manufacturing company that manufactures the soundbar. This soundbar from the demon company is popular all around the world and these soundbars have a high quality of sound and bass output.


  • The soundbar has wireless woofer built inside them that helps to enhance the audio of the soundbar.
  • The soundbar has a warranty of around one year and it can be repaired free of cost in any service for one year since its purchase date.
  • The soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity that helps to connect variety off devices with it easily and without any problem.


  • The main drawback of this soundbar is its weight, the soundbar is heavy and so it is not portable.
  • The build quality of the soundbar is a little low. One can say that it is not as durable as the other soundbar that is in the market currently.
  • The bass output of the soundbar is not as good as that of other soundbars. The bass of the soundbar lags at a higher volume so it’s not good for people who like t listen to EDM songs on their LED tv. This soundbar will not be able to deliver the voice quality that you are looking for during such songs.

Polk audio command bar

Polk is another good company that manufactures stood soundbar for the common people. People who like to listen to songs or watch movies can use this soundbar as they deliver the perfect experience for such moments.


  • The soundbar has amazon Alexa support built inside it.
  • The soundbar is compatible with HDMI and it also has 4K and HDTV features include in it.
  • The soundbar has a wireless subwoofer that helps to increase the sound greatly.


  • The durability of this soundbar is not high enough so there are good chances of it getting damaged easily.
  • The soundbar does not have a warranty with it.

JBL Soundbar

JBL is another company that manufactures affordable and good audio equipment. The soundbar from JBL is an affordable and good quality soundbar that can help to deliver great sound and bass to the user. Also, JBL is one of the most popular audio manufacturers in India and they have their largest buyer in India. The JBL products are bound to get sold in large markets. The soundbar is affordable and it has a great feature in it which makes it a sure buy for people who want affordable soundbar for their home.


  • The soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity in it which helps to connect it with various devices all over the home.
  • The soundbar has a warranty of one year which helps it to get repaired easily if it gets broken due to any reason.
  • The soundbar has a remote-control system that helps the user to control the soundbar easily with the touch of a remote.
  • The soundbar is also compatible with an HRC and HDMI connection


  • The soundbar is not durable and it can get damaged easily. Therefore, the person has to take special care when dealing with this soundbar.

JBL bar 5.1

JBL bar is a good and powerful soundbar that combines affordability with power. The soundbar delivers high power to the user and it also has a terrific sound output that can thrill out the user completely.


  • The battery of the soundbar is pretty high.
  • Wireless woofer included the soundbar
  • Excellent connectivity of the soundbar


  • The range of this soundbar is short when compared to other soundbars.

Bose soundbar 500

Bose soundbar is another excellent soundbar that has Alexa control, inbuilt in it. It helps to unleash the great sound of the soundbar easily and effectively.


  • Easily get connected to the Led tv and helps to increase the vice quality of the tv.
  • Alexa control makes soundbar usage much more effective and easier.
  • The bass of the soundbar is excellent.


  • The range of the Bluetooth device is a little bit low.

Yamaha YAS-207BL

Yamaha is a great audio manufacture company that is known throughout the world, however, the Yamaha YAS-207BL soundbar is a great soundbar that helps to increase the sound and bass output of the led tv greatly.


  • The device delivers a power-packed audio output that completely baffles the user.
  • The price is affordable when compared to other devices.


  • The appearance of all the Yamaha product is simple, and this one is no exception. Due to this, people who go after the looks of the soundbar tend to miss this one.
  • The build quality of this soundbar is not that great.

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