Best printers for Business and home use in India

A printer is a must for today’s generation which requires a printer for various purposes. In a family, almost every person needs a printer for one work or another. The children require the printer to print any notice, homework, or letter sent to them by the school. Similarly, the working adults of the house might also need a printer for one work or another. People who don’t have printers in their homes usually go out to the stationery shop or cyber café to print the stuff they require. However, one cannot go to the cybercafé every time, they require something to print. So instead many people choose nowadays to have a printer at home. The printer helps to `make the printing work easy and the person does not have to go anywhere to print the work they need. 

Buying a printer is makes the work easy. All the person has to do is go to the shop and select a printer that he likes. That’s not where the problem arises. The real problem arises when the person has to chose which printer he should take. There are thousands of different printers that exist in the market and based on the work you have to do and your budget there are a different printer or different brands. Selecting a printer is a tough job as one has to notice different features of a printer before buying one. One simply doesn’t buy a printer based on how it looks and how much it cost. People think that costly printers will work better but that’s not the reason. There are different features that one must look in a printer before thy select the printer they would like to buy. This will help them buy the best printer that is within their budget.

Things to look before buying a printer

When out buying a printer in the market, we suggest that you go over these features of the printer. These features will help you pick the best printer for yourself.


The first thing that you should check is the budget of yours. There is no point in selecting a good printer that fits all your expectations, however, the price of that printer is way above your budget. There the first thing that you should do is check the price of the printer. Reject all the printers that were above your budget. This will save you time and energy. This is for people who have a budget on their printer. If you are ready to buy any printer that you like then it won’t be a problem for you. Also, a price check is a good feature as there are many overpriced printers in the market. Checking the price will help you find whether a printer is overpriced or not. Never buy an overpriced printer.

Types of Ink

Different types of printers use different types of Ink and have a different ink cartridge. Some printer has two ink cartridges for black-white or all in one ink. Others have a 4-ink cartridge for CYMK colors. There is a printer also in the market that has Inkwells. These are a large reserve of refillable wells. Choose the printer that has the ink cartridge required by you.

Quality of print

The next thing that you should be checking a printer is the quality. The main reason why anyone purchases a printer is to print anything. What if the print quality is not up to date? Then there is no reason to buy the printer. So, the main thing that you should look for in the printer is the print quality of the printer. See if the printer prints the page correctly or there is any problem with color or anything else. If there is a problem, then you shouldn’t buy the printer as there is no reason to do so. If the print quality is better check for another feature before buying it.

Speed of printing

After seeing the quality of the printer, you should check the speed of the printing. There is no use of buying a printer that has good printing quality, but the printing speed is low. These printers are usually costly and they cannot be used more often. People usually buy a printer because they need a printer more often. There is no point in waiting for about 2-3 hours to print 10-15 pages. It’s just a waste of time. So, while buying a retainer, one needs to see the printer speed and printing quality. These will tell the person whether the person should their time checking out the printer or not. Remember your priority should be printing quality and the printing speed of the printers.

Wireless connectivity

Another thing to check in the printer is whether it supports wireless connectivity or not. Make sure to check that the printer has a wireless connectivity option. It is much better to have a wireless connected printer rather than having a normal printer. The wireless printer will help you to print the material you need from any part of the house, by sampling clicking on the print button. You don’t have to approach the computer connected to the printer again and again to print it. A wireless connectivity printer saves the time and energy of the user.


The last thing that you should check is whether the printer that you are buying is compact or not. Check for the size of the printer and see if it can be carried with you or not. A portable and compact printer is better than a large printer. It can be used and carry anywhere as per your wish. There are many different types of small compact printers that are available in the market. You can choose anyone you wish.

Selecting a good printer isn’t easy from the market. It can be difficult for you. SO, if you want a good printer, then we have got some of the best printers that are available in the market below for you. You can select any printer you like.

Best printers for Business and home use in India

HP Deskjet advantage 3636 K4U05B All-in-One

Hp is a well-known company that produces some of the finest printers in the market. The 3636 series printer from HP is a desk jet model printer that has a good print speed of 9 pages per minute and has wireless and other connectivity as well.


  • The printer has 3 features in one. It has a scan feature, copy feature, and print mixture embedded in its desk jet is a good printer for multipurpose work.
  • The display panel makes the work look easy and helps to operate the printer more easily.
  • It is long-lasting and is durable and compact.


  • The printing speed of this printer could go up higher we think. The printer prints up to 9 pages per minute however it could have gone up a little bit.
  • The printing quality is medium and not that great.
  • The color cartridge of this printer is capable of printing only 60-80 pages at one sitting.

HP Deskjet all-in-one 4535

HP 4525 is another good printer that has a good printing speed and normal printing quality. The printer. The printer has wireless connectivity so the user can print from anywhere within the house. The range of wireless connectivity is also good.


  • The printer can print double-sided printing easily. The printing quality is the same on both sides of the paper.
  • The printer has 3 features embedded in one printer. It can scan, copy, and print all at once.
  • There is an option for remote printing in this printer which is unique.
  • There is also a closed tray feature that is included in this printer.


  • The main disadvantage of this printer is that the output tray of this printer is fragile. The output tray can get damaged if there is little pressure applied to it.

HP Deskjet 2135 All-in-one

The HP 2135 printer is an all in one printer that can-do office and school work at once. The printer comes in budget and can be your pick if you want a good and reliable printer that is within your budget. 


  • The printer has a sleek and attractive design that can catch the eyes of any person. It comes in various color options so the person can choose whichever they like.
  • The printer is one of the few printers in the market that is actually environment friendly. The HP Energy star Certified Program has labeled this printer as environment friendly.
  • The printer can be easily connected to any mobile phone, laptop, or computer with a USB cable.


  • The main disadvantage of this printer is that it does not have WIFI connectivity. The WIFI cannot be connected to the printer and so there is no remote printing option.
  • Many users have complained of glitches that occur in the printer while they are printing out important stuff. This disrupts the user workflow. 

HP Deskjet 2131

HP desk jet 2131 is another printer which is good and economical. It is for people who are looking for a good and affordable printer in the market. The printer has good printing quality and the printing speed of the printer is good as well. The printing speed of the printer is average and it can print up to 7.5 pages per minute. The HP ink cartridge that is used in this printer can help to double the number of printed pages while keeping the amount of ink used low. This helps the person economically.


  • The design of the printer is compact and it is easy to install. There is no unnecessary wiring that the user has to do to connect the printer to their laptop or computer.
  • The printer is versatile and is compact. It is affordable and has many great features.
  • The printer can scan, copy, and print easily. It has 3 features in one.


  • The main drawback of the printer is that it is economical only if you are using it partially. If you think that you will save money by using it extensively, then you are wrong.

Canon Pixma MG2577

Cannon is another good company that makes reliable and good printer. The Pixma MG2577 printer from canon is a good all-rounder printer that is affordable.


  • An affordable printer that can be brought by anyone.
  • Easy to install and operate upon. Nothing else is needed to install the printer
  • The great scan quality of the printer
  • Good printing speed and printing quality.


  • Does not have a built-in WIFI connection
  • Produces disturbing noise when used.

HP LaserJet M1005

HP LaserJet printer is another good printer that has excellent printing speed and printing quality. The printer can print up to 14 pages per minute easily.


  • Multi functioning printer
  • Laser printing that produces fast printing speed and great printing quality.
  • Easy to install and use
  • The LCD makes it easier to use.


  • The cost of the printer can go out of budget for some people.

Samsung SCX-3401

Samsung printer is also a good printer that produces excellent printing quality. The printer from Samsung has great printing speed and can print up to 20 pages per minute. The printing quality of the printer is amazing and the price of the printer comes out to be less when a person compares its price and feature.


  • The printer can print up to 1600 pages easily before running out of cartridges that are provided by the company
  • The printer can print, copy, and scan easily without any problem.
  • The printer quality is a high resolution
  • Has amazing features such as E-mail function from the printer.


  • The problem with this printer arises when refilling the cartridges.

Epson L361

Epson is another good company that manufactures good and affordable printer. The L361 printer from Epson is a good printer for people who seek affordable and good quality printers.


  • Affordable printer
  • Refillable ink feature
  • Good printing speed and printing quality.


  • Not a highly durable and long-lasting printer.

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