10 Best Earphones Under Rs 500 in India

Top 10 Best Earphones Under Rs.500 In India


As people have started making more and more use of their phones, it has become blatantly obvious that it is not only limited there. Considering the numerous features getting introduced every single day to make them more innovative and useful than ever, added accessories must also be bought to get the complete package. Chargers are of course a must since without them no phone can stay useful for very long. Protectors and phone covers are needed to prevent any common mishaps or bouts of clumsiness from inflicting deep scratches or completely shattering the screens.

Earphones are needed not only to listen to music these days but also to converse with people on call for long periods of time. As it requires people to not hold their phones until their arms feel like falling off, this has turned into a popular accessory that every other person has possession of. If you are a resident of India and have to stick to a budget of Rs 500 yet want superior quality, here are ten of the best cost-friendly options you can consider buying. Though Bluetooth earphones may not necessarily be on the agenda due to how outrageously priced they are, these have their own perks that just might endear you to them.

Best Earphones Under Rs.500 In India

1. RealMe Earbuds 2:

Realme Earbuds with Mic

Think of all the purposes you can use earphones for. Some of you might be avid music lovers and may want to be surrounded by soulful music that makes you feel as though you are floating among fluffy clouds, undisturbed by the rest of the world. You may also want to listen to loud alternative rock music that will get you all pumped up and ready to face the world. If you want to be able to lose yourself in the endless notes and skillful harmonies with one of the best experiences of sound quality, RealMe Earbuds are the absolute choice to opt for. To get a realistically marvelous experience, you must really give these earphones a shot and simply listen as they show you what good music truly feels like on the inside. Considering they can be bought for a mere Rs 500 ought to make them the perfect cost-friendly option to consider.

Carrying the earphones around will not pose much of a problem, as they have magnets attached that will allow them to connect with ease no matter what state you are carrying them in. The thickness of the wire will make sure that it does not snap easily when bent in odd, twisting loops that form inevitably when you carry earphones around. If music is your passion, you will be ecstatic to know that there is a special button that can allow you to change the music at will without even laying hands on your phone so it can spare you some effort if you are in your zone. One con that does exist here is that the warranty only exists for 6 months that is considered to be quite less as a whole.

2. boAt BassHeads 152:

If you admire earphones a whole lot, there can be absolutely no doubt that you must have heard of boAt that has strived to offer the best audio experience to their customers. That is why you do not even need to worry about being dealt with bad quality when it comes to this product especially since they tend to have 10 mm drivers. For a whopping price of just Rs 399, these superior earphones could be yours. If you need any more motivation to buy them, it does have a whole set of various perks. If you often face a problem where the voice comes off as extremely distorted when you are listening to something or talking to someone on call, these earphones will provide a level of clarity that simply cannot disappoint.

Since it comes in a multitude of colors ranging from classic shades like black and white to more electrically exciting hues of purple, blue, maroon, and red you can instantly get a cool pair of your own choice. If you need an option that allows you to accept and turn down calls at will, that too is made available to you so you need not reach out for your phone. Its one-year warranty will ensure that you get quite some usage out of it without worrying about its demise. A con when it comes to this set is that you cannot change the music using these earphones and will have to use the phone to do it.

3. Mi Earphones Basic:

For those that own a Mi phone, these earphones should be a natural addition to complete the package as they are highly compatible and come at a very reasonable price of just Rs 399. Not only is the audio quality one worth bragging about here but even the noise cancellation feature makes it extremely appealing. If you usually suffer because you are trying to listen to music peacefully but the loud conversations resonating throughout your house are disturbing your peace of mind, worry no more. This is further assisted by the fact that the ear-buds are made of silicon and definitely come in the category of high-quality.

The range of colors that it comes in includes black and white as well as a fiery red shade for the more adventurous folks. It is perfectly comfortable for those that need to have it on for even hours on end. One of the negative aspects associated with this particular model is that it has a mere warranty of 6 months that may not be enough for everyone. The bass may also not appear to be of the finest quality, which may deter you from buying it. However, on an overall basis, it can be agreed that it is a pretty good pair to invest in especially if you are sensitive about the sound quality and comfort.

4. Boult Audio BassBuds X1:

If you want earphones that look sleek, stylish, and undeniably cool these are the ones to go for. With their sharp fang-like shape and grey steel color, you can definitely make a statement while also getting satisfactory sound quality in turn. It shows how you can kill two birds with one stone with ease. Looking at them, one may not guess that they cost just Rs 450 but they most certainly do as they aim to satisfy their users to the extreme. However, aesthetics are not what they are all about. If you want a near-perfect treble and bass, you can stop looking elsewhere because that is exactly what you will get out of these earphones.

If you are an absolute beast in the gym and want to work those muscles and sweat freely without worrying about somehow ruining the earphones, you should try them out. Since they are known to be completely water-resistant and have been properly certified in that regard as well, you can be sure that they will stay as amazing as ever no matter how hard you push yourself. If you are already occupied with something and do not want to swipe on your phone to summon smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, Bixby, or even Google Assistant you can just use the earphones to do it directly for you. One thing that may be a bit of a drawback is that it does come with just one extra ear tip but it has not hindered it from being one of the most popular, cost-friendly choices available on the market.

5. JBL C50HI:

There is no way at all that you would not have heard of JBL despite being interested in earphones. This particular model has proved to be pretty admirable considering its wide range of features. The sound of the bass is so rich it will instantly leave you impressed, as you will be able to hear it with the same kind of clarity even if the volume is high. The 8.6 mm driver truly does wonders to improve its audio performance. If you want to play games on your phone, it will ensure that you get a realistic experience that gets you pumped and high on thrill and exhilaration. Even if you want to have a video call with someone you will not be met with hindrances and distortions so you can enjoy some relaxing time with your loved one without feeling frustrated. 

Other than the clean sound output it also happens to be very lightweight that makes it convenient to carry it around wherever you go. Since you will get 3 ear tips to go with it you may have your selection of which one fits the best. The fact that they cost about Rs 470 is a bonus. Some factors that may not settle with you could include the fact that its build quality is not the greatest out there. It is just decent enough to make do. Additionally, the wires are not tangle-free so they may get jumbled up and twisted when you use them that can be a bit of nuisance.

6. Infinity Zip 100:

Infinity Zip 100 is a top of the line set of earphones found in the cost-friendly category as you can get them in just Rs 499. Harman Audio is a well-reputable American company and since Infinity is a brand introduced by them, it is bound to have its share of impressive qualities as well. The first thing to start off with that most customers focus on is the quality of the sound, which as you may have guessed is absolutely excellent. A special focus has been aimed at the bass that packs an extra powerful punch if you like to listen to music such as rock. This is pushed along by the 9 mm dynamic drivers that further improve the quality to make it a better experience for you.

If you hate it when your wires get tangled up too easily and you need to spend ages trying to get it untangled, this will not prove to be a problem for you if you get these earphones. A one-year warranty has been set in place to make sure that you get enough time to test them out without being concerned about any damage being caused to them.

The comfort offered by them is sure to make you feel great when you have them plugged in. However, the build quality for this one is also not the best, as plastic has been utilized to make the earpiece casing, which clearly is not the best material to make use of. Even the wires do not have the best quality as they appear to be rather fragile so you will have to handle them with a bit of care so that no mishaps occur.

7. pTron Boom 2 4D:

This set of earphones is especially amazing for people who love gaming and spend hours in front of the mobile screen, firing away at enemies. This fact itself should compensate for the fact that it is a bit larger and sturdier than most of the earphones that you will find on this list. Since it has dual drivers, it is absolutely certain that it has a sound quality that is unparalleled and provides an awesome experience that you need to try out to feel the extent of. You can get them for about Rs 400 so it will definitely fit into your budget if you are looking for earphones under Rs 500. The customer reviews for this model usually end up positive ensuring that it truly does perform well as confirmed by the general masses.

You will be able to acquire it in three colors being red, black, and white though you may have to do some thorough searching if you are planning to go for the latter. Some things to keep in mind are that it may not be as light to carry due to the chunky design. You may also have to reserve special care of it as a little damage could create a bigger issue than you might expect.

8. Blaupunkt EM01:

Blaupunkt is a very well-known German company that has tampered with quite a lot of products. Their earphones show their genius and just why they are respected so much. You may feel that since it has been made using plastic, it might have a cheap appeal that is not suited to you. You could not be more wrong concerning this. Despite the choice of material, it happens to fit well and give the appearance of something that comes under the high-quality category.

Giving it a go may help you see the truth of that. It will be a snug fit so that you do not feel uncomfortable at all when you are walking or have a lot of physical activity going on as they will not just slide out. Furthermore, this proper fit also allows them to have a noise cancellation feature worth sparing a glance at. Since it is resistant to sweat and other such liquids, you may have it on while you are having a particularly strenuous session at the gym.

These earphones have a sensitivity of 102 dB/mW that should be enough to convince you that the sound output that you can hope to get out of them will be up to par. One of the features that stand out here is the remote that you will get to switch, playing, or pausing music or any other sounds you may be listening to. The cable, however, is not tangle-free and you can expect to get it into a bit of a mess.

9. boAt BassHeads 100:

If you want earphones that look unbelievably cool and have a design that will stand out amongst a sea of earphones that all have similar classic designs, you may want to consider this one. Since the starting price of these is just Rs 390, they fall under the promised wing of earphones just under Rs 500. The design has touches that give it a hawk-like look that will give you the kind of aesthetics you might not find in most earphones. Not only are they there to look cool but you can also use them to improve your grip on them to adjust them if you feel the need to.

The fact that they have 10 mm drivers should clue you in about what a superior quality of sound you can expect to find here. Be sure to enjoy a variety of music genres as it works well with all of them though the specialty still lies in the impressive bass. 

The colors that they offer you up truly give you more to choose from. You can go for the ever-present black or white that is usually available for all kinds of earphones. If you feel like trying out something new with a dash of vibrancy you may opt for the taffy pink color or even red. However, if you manage to damage them badly you must know that repairing them will pose a lot of problems as it is not as easy to get it done so be sure to handle them with plenty of care.

10. Artis E400M:

The very final earphone on this list that promises to knock your socks off while being present in an affordable range is Artis E400M. Since this company has a great deal of experience making products that are cost-friendly, they sure do know what they are doing. Those products include speakers as well as power banks that more or less fall under a similar category. Though the design itself looks insanely aesthetic, the two tones used to give it an additional cool factor surely make it stand out. The cable is also pretty long, standing at just around 1.5m, and also happens to have double layers so you will not need to compensate much in this regard as it is far from fragile. 

If you adore music like hip hop and EDM, be sure to give these earphones a try as they tend to make the bass feel realistic and pristinely clear. You will certainly not miss out on any vocals if you use them to listen to any light or soulful music. One of the best parts about this is the perfect microphone that they have in-built that can allow the person on the other end to listen to you perfectly no matter how loud and noisy your surroundings are. Though the long cable may be pretty useful, it also does cause some trouble as well. Since it has an in-line remote that is offered with the product, the length of the cable can cause it to dangle more than the amount that you might find comfortable, and suited to your taste.


Now that you know about all the very best, top of the line earphones that you can get in the extremely affordable range of Rs 500, you can start deciding on which of them will suit you the best. You may have to give thought to what exactly you need it for. If you are a gamer, certain models may work out better for you. This also applies to specific music that you might be an avid fan of or if you are a busy person who gets and makes a whole lot of calls every single day and needs perfect quality. No matter what it is that you want to go for, you have a pretty sizeable range of earphones to give thought to and choose from.

Be sure to give all the features a look and it would be better if you asked someone else how it worked out for them as well before selecting any one of them. Though they all have some drawbacks here and there, they mostly appear to be fairly minor and those that can be easily ignored so that should not pose much of a problem. Once you know what you want to go for, you are all set to enjoy the amazing experience, content in the knowledge that you did not have to spend too many bucks to get exactly what you wanted.

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